How to Embrace Visual Storytelling

Posted by Adtern on Aug 25, 2016 10:00:00 AM

By: Casey Whitmer, Public Relations Intern

visuals_more_than_text.jpgWhether you’re pushing out a press release or updating a brand’s social page, visual storytelling is an effective way to grasp and retain the reader’s attention. People are constantly bombarded with excess amounts of text when on the web. Most peoples’ attention spans seem to be decreasing as they become more and more engulfed by digital content. That being said, piquing their attention and holding it is vital to getting your message across. 

Visuals help enhance a message and add to the story. They also prevent the reader from feeling trapped in an overwhelming amount of text. It’s much easier for a reader to digest an image, video or infographic than multiple paragraphs of text.

  • Infographics, if used correctly, can simplify complicated information.
  • Videos can be used to explain a brand without overwhelming a reader with words. They allow people to experience the story in an alternative way.
  • Pictures are the simplest way to break up long pieces of information and encourage engagement with readers.

meme.jpgWith the increasing focus on social media, it’s necessary to incorporate more than just traditional text. Social media is dominated by visuals. Thus, people need this same experience when reading any digital text—it’s what they’re used to. Multimedia is readily consumable and requires less of a commitment than reading a lengthy article.

This all points to the obvious, increasing demand for visual content. The trend has shifted away from traditional ways of reaching audiences and requires PR and marketing tactics to embrace the use of visual storytelling. Information needs to stand out to make an impact and be well-received. Interaction is key, and without visuals, content becomes monotonous. When reading, people want to understand the content quickly and move on to the next thing.   


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